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    Yep, and all because we’re afraid of our own shadows.

    88198 09.29.14

    Haha. Just got invaded and ganked by some jerk while I was afk, then put my summon sign down for Dragonslayer and the same jerk summons me to help him fight another player.

    So I stood there making gestures the whole time while he got spanked by this other player.

    Revenge is sweet.


    The Skeleton Twins is not a happy film. (Far from it, actually.)

    Don’t get fooled by the happy moments they showed in the trailer.

    It’s like a sequel to American Beauty, only far more bleak.

    (That’s not to say it isn’t an excellent film, just that, well, it’s really really sad.)

    3 09.27.14

    More terrible SJWs



    "I love Diversity, but…"

    image image

    "I love everyone! We’re all equal! I’m open minded and progressive!!!"

    Radfems stuck in the seventies. 


    More radfems stuck in the seventies


    And highschool girls super desperate for ally cookies!image

    Typical self-hating whites with double standards

    Still thinks “die cis scum” is acceptable to say. 


    And then there are the vegans…


    I love this so much.

    That’s funny.

    587 09.26.14

    Top Five Things That Are A Greater Danger Than Isis:

    (In no particular order)

    • The intensifying drought in California:  True, most of us haven’t heard anything about it in the mainstream media for six months, but it is in fact getting worse.  This will affect food prices dramatically in the coming year. Such staples as meat and fruit have already seen significant price increases.
    • Cops:  19 Americans were killed by terrorists in 2013 according to the State Department.  The FBI estimates that there are around 400 ‘justifiable homicides’ by police per year. (They seem less and less justifiable the more our media reports on them.)
    • Food stamp cuts:  4.7 million people had their food stamps cut in late 2013 and again in 2014.  I wonder if these people are more afraid of terrorists or the indifference of their fellow Americans?
    • Your own furniture: The CPSC estimates that 43,000 people are injured or killed annually as a result of accidents with household furnishings. (Again, only 19 Americans killed by terrorists in 2013.)
    • Student Loan Debt: (And really, price gouging in college tuition.)  Student loan debt in American topped 1.1 trillion in early 2014.  In a spending economy, this is a big deal, particularly as pertains to first-time home buying.  People paying this much debt as a portion of their monthly income cannot afford a mortgage, which stinks for us all, as those first time home buyers account for a fifth of the US GDP.
    5 09.23.14


    The first promos of #SNL40 are here, starring our dashing host Chris Pratt, Kate McKinnon and lots of pickles! 


    2099 09.23.14

    Kanye West reminds me of King Joffrey when he talks about himself.

    Specifically, he reminds me of those moments when Joffrey insists he’s the king.

    6 09.22.14

    I wish she were our president.  Her husband is corrupt, two-faced, and inexcusably tone deaf.

    183569 09.22.14



    So the bae just pointed out something that I somehow never noticed and that explains a heck of a lot to me about the right to bear arms:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not…

    DC versus Heller - (And that’s coming from the pen of Antonin Scalia.)

    Bolded it for you.  The right to keep and bear arms is not absolute nor sacrosanct, and it shouldn’t be, in a country where states refuse to require competency testing or mandatory military service before people can purchase them without restrictions. In short, we have no way of knowing that the people we’re selling these guns to have any idea how to use them or maintain them safely.  (Except in my state, Missouri, where we at least require mandatory safety courses for hunters.)

    37 09.18.14

    After many hours of gaming this weekend, I stand at the beginning of the ‘Kiln of the First Flame’

    Honestly, just getting here feels like one hell of an accomplishment as a gamer.