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    Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Blames Legislators for Emboldening Potential Assassin



    As well they should.  As I posted earlier today, Republican legislators in several states tried to legalize the murder of abortion doctors just four short months ago. They support murder.

    34 05.27.11

    BBC NEWS | Americas | Illegal abortions 'killing South American women'

    Every year four million women in Latin America have an illegal abortion, according to the World Health Organisation.

    Preventing illegal abortions, which leave hundreds of thousands of woman dead or seriously injured, has been the focus of the conference in Mexico. Many groups present believe the only way to reduce the numbers is to make the practice legal.

    “It is the first to the third cause of maternal death in different countries in Latin America,” the chair of the conference, Maria Consuelo Mejilla - director of Catholics For The Right To Decide, a Mexican pressure group - told BBC World Service’s Outlook programme.

    “It is affecting mostly poor women. Unsafe and illegal abortion in Latin America is a social justice problem. Women who have no resources die.”

    Coming soon to a Red State near you, if the wingnuts elected to spur job growth have their way.  (Just where are the jobs, by the way?)  Keep fighting the good fight, liberals!

    38 04.29.11

    I’m normally not one to share this kind of business as that’s just how it goes with prudes with low levels of tolerance for embarassment such as myself, but considering recent events, I might as well share a personal experience regarding Planned Parenthood.


    So I felt it was necessary to go to one today due to obvious circumstances that anyone that follows me knows. As I walked in, it was really the first time where it consciously hit me when I thought, “oh my God, these people are my only hope. Where the fuck else would I be able to go? I have no job and my mother is a Catholic eastern Indian immigrant that would murder me without a second thought if she finds out I can’t ask her for shit oh God oh God oh God.”

    I filled out the forms, which I had to re-do twice because I was an anxiety ridden mess that could not comprehend sentences properly, apparently. I went in, they asked me a bunch of various questions about my health/recent activity, weighed me, took my blood pressure. They were very soft hearted and kind. I asked for birth control and only had $20 that my grandmother gave me for gas a week ago, under the impression this would cover it. I ask the lady if it would, and she hands me a green insurance card and says not to worry about anything, and how I quality for free insurance and how essentially anything I need will be taken care of. This stuns me, and I’m a little speechless, but certainly grateful. Obviously.

    Later, I’m given a healthy sized brown paper bag, and another woman informs me that since I requested the pill form of birth control, they have given me a years supply, along with a pack of Plan B for emergencies. I also looked into the bag and there’s a generous amount of condoms. All of this, for free. I was a walk in, and this process took about an hour. I signed my name, thanked her, and left.

    How.. the fuck could anyone think of defunding this program. It is literally beyond my rational comprehension. What purpose would this serve? Seriously, what the fuck would you accomplish? What would I have done otherwise? Have another incident where the condom broke and I wasn’t on birth control and didn’t have either condoms or, God forbid, Plan B within my possession? The consequences of such are numerous, expensive, traumatizing, and.. probably suicide inducing, in my case, had I not had access to these resources today. I’m really, really fucking floored at their generosity, and if I ever come within a decent, consistent income, they are getting many hearty donations on my part. I am so grateful a program like this exists for human beings in America when so little else is in regards to sexual precaution/education.

    Reblogged for the teabagging geniuses who think shutting down America’s biggest provider of contraceptives is somehow going to magically prevent abortions.

    156 04.08.11

    Ohio’s ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill Moves Forward - Mother Jones

    According to HHS, there were approximately 420,000 children in foster care in 2010. So, naturally, the hypocritical ‘pro-life’ movement is going to expend all of their energy tightening restrictions on abortion, while the lawmakers they elected cut programs that support child development and help to ease child poverty.

    Unless you’re a fetus, their philosophy is: “Sucks to be you”.

    Per Mother Jones:

    The law, HB 125, would outlaw all abortions (except in medical emergency) after a heartbeat could be detected: roughly 6 to 8 weeks after conception. This is so early in pregnancy that many women would not even know they were pregnant before the chance for abortion had passed… which is undoubtedly the point. Attacking first-trimester pregnancies is important for anti-abortion activists because 88% of all abortions occur before 12 weeks gestation.

    HB 125 is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, and that’s exactly what supporters like the Ohio pro-life group Faith2Action are hoping. But state legislators and some supporters aren’t so sure now’s the time. Ohio’s House Health and Aging Committee delayed the vote on HB 125 last week, with Committee chair and sponsor Lynn Wachtmann saying the bill “wasn’t quite ready.” (One could argue that just because the bill isn’t quite ready doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered the same as one that is, kind of like how an embryo at 8 weeks should be considered just as viable as a fetus at 40 weeks, but that would be silly.) Ohio Right to Life director Mike Gonidakis told the Springfield News-Sun that while he agrees with the sentiments of the bill, he fears it could be struck down as unconstitutional and would thus become precedent for later anti-abortion laws. “(It’s) going to be another precedent setting decision by the Supreme Court we’re going to have to overcome in the future,” Gonidakis said.  A vote is expected on the bill this Wednesday.