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    I’m truly ashamed of my state and country right now.

    The second guy killed by cops in Missouri this month, and we have a cell phone video that demonstrates the cops were lying in their statement, and still we can’t even get a sniff of justice.

    3 08.21.14


    when an unarmed black man or woman is killed by police or another citizen a period of character assassination begins

    General, admittedly, I don’t agree with many of your opinions or your posts, but this one is absolutely spot-on.  As we saw with Trayvon Martin, it is very clear that young black men, when murdered, are put on trial for their own deaths and it’s absolutely sickening to watch it happening yet again.

    Besides, even if Michael Brown had been rightfully linked to a robbery… since fucking when does that make it a-okay to violently engage someone and shoot them nine times in the back?!

    6534 08.15.14

    Why are white people on this site so damn apologetic?


    Can someone explain this to me? White people offering up their apologies on here before even saying/doing anything? Why is this acceptable? If someone was asked to apologize for their “blackness” or any other race then that would be terribly racist. If a POC willingly, and completely on their own, apologized for being POC people would flip the fuck out. But a white person does it and it’s like “GOOD! YOU SHOULD BE APOLOGIZING!”

    Even worse, apologizing for your race and your cis body DOESN’T EVEN HELP YOU! No, all it does is make people go “YEAH WELL AT LEAST YOU RECOGNIZE YOUR PRIVILEGE BUT YOU CAN NEVER BE TRULY SORRY FOR IT!” No one actually gives a shit. I am not going to apologize for something I didn’t choose, nor can I control. To ask white people and only white people to make an apology for their race, is very racist. It’s just as racist if white people asked POC to apologize for being any race other than race.

    What I also don’t get is the MASSIVE amounts of white girls trying to yell at other white girls for doing stuff that is “racist” or “appropriation”. I cannot stand that shit either. They apologize for their “whiteness” then they go fucking overboard trying to defend POC. They make posts about “White people are so horrible and gross” like they are trying to kiss ass to these other horrible people on tumblr. It doesn’t help anything!

    Yes. racism is horrible, and yes in the past history of America there is a SHIT load of it. It’s still not gone today, but you know what’s NOT going to help erase it? DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE! If you really WANT equality then it’s about NOT APOLOGIZING FOR YOUR RACE no matter WHAT RACE YOU ARE! To get equality it has nothing to do with “being sorry you are white” that is NOT going to erase racism. All that’s going to do is make it worse.

    This massive fucking white guilt on this site and even stuff that happens out in the real world and day to day life is sickening.

    If you have never done anything racist, you are not a part of racism. That’s it. You have no reason to apologize for anything if you have never judged a person on the color of their skin. JUST BECAUSE SOME WHITE PEOPLE DID HORRIBLE RACIST SHIT DOESN’T MEAN YOU WERE A PART OF IT OR AGREE WITH IT!

    Stop apologizing for being white! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP!

    Agreed.  If you don’t hate people because of their skin color or participate in actions designed to hurt people because of their skin color, you’re not a racist.

    Furthermore, you shouldn’t place any faith or trust in people that try to hold you accountable for the actions of your ancestors, period.

    77 03.30.14

    Dear Tumblr, you’ve shown me some really, really stupid things in my time here.

    But I’m pretty sure this #CancelColbert nonsense takes the cake.

    You guys are !@#$ing idiots.

    3 03.28.14

    Here you go, folks.

    Ellen sums up social justice on Tumblr in one convenient gifset.

    125286 03.05.14

    Regarding the post about Benedict Cumberbatch being descended from a slaveowning family.

    Why exactly should he be held accountable for his family’s ancestral operations when his only connection to that history is not willful action on his part, but the coincidence of being descended from those people?

    Unless of course he does participate in modern-day human trafficking and I’m just not aware of it, in which case, forget I said anything.

    7 02.01.14

    My dashboard right now.

    White people, white people, white people, naked lady, white people, white people, etc.. etc.. etc..

    I feel sorry for some of these folks.

    1 01.20.14

    Also, for folks who still think white people don’t support so-called ‘POC’ films…

    The Rock is 2013’s highest grossing actor. His films made 1.3 billion dollars.

    2 12.18.13

    To the folks who are blaming white people for Best Man Holiday not being a runaway hit like Django Unchained or 12 Years a Slave:

    The film has made 70 million dollars… so how is it that you can seriously argue that people haven’t supported it? (And it’s budget was only 17 million.)

    12 Years a Slave, by contrast, has made 36 million.  Django made 162 million, but it’s budget was 100 million, and it had the same opening weekend box office numbers as Best Man Holiday. (30 million)

    So, kindly quit reblogging that stupid quote as if it’s gospel.  The numbers contradict your assertion that no one is supporting Best Man Holiday. If you look at the ticket sales objectively, it would seem that folks are being extremely supportive of predominately black media all around. (But that’s inconvenient for some folks’ preferred narrative.)

    Besides, people aren’t obliged to consume the media that you dogmatically say they should anyway.

    Thank you.

    1 12.17.13

    I have very little respect for white people who say they “dislike being white”


    You’re not impressing anybody by acting like being white is inherently bad or only white people are capable of doing terrible things.

    The same goes for any ethnicity actually.


    People with that mentality need new friends, because the folks they’re trying to impress are obviously way too hateful to be worth their time. (Or anyone’s really.)

    17 12.05.13