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    Some of the best commentary I’ve seen yet on the forced vaginal penetration law passed in Virginia this week.  (And it’s hilarious.)

    My favorite line:

    "Men have to be smarter when they talk about birth control. Foster Friess, the billionaire backer of Rick Santorum, joked that when he was young, women held an aspirin between their knees for birth control.  Good one! But do you REALLY want to start a conversation about health care with ‘When I was young’? 

    When YOU were young, people died of polio! 


    2 02.19.12

    Holy shit…

    I can’t believe I’m having to defend my opposition to forced intra-vaginal ultrasounds to friends on facebook. 

    Time for another culling of the friends list.

    5 02.15.12

    Englin Blasts GOP Bill for Requiring Vaginal Penetration


    This bill will require many women in Virginia to undergo vaginal penetration with an ultrasound probe against their consent in order to exercise their constitutional right to an abortion, even for nonsurgical, noninvasive, pharmaceutical abortions. This kind of government intrusion shocks the conscience and demonstrates the disturbing lengths Republican legislators will go to prevent women from controlling their own reproductive destiny.

    I offered an amendment that would have protected women from the unwanted vaginal penetration required by this bill. House Republicans rejected that amendment. The next time Virginia Republicans speak the words ‘government intrusion’ I hope voters will remember this vote and hold them accountable for their hypocrisy.

    How can a law like this be constitutional?

    24 02.15.12